Free 30 Day Trial!

DOWNLOAD DataGraph for Mac OS X

To get a free 30 day trial license, provide you name and email using the form below. This form will open anytime you run DataGraph on a computer that does not have a registered license. Hit Send Request. You should receive an email with a code. Paste the code into the form and Hit return. You are ready to use DataGraph.

More details on Installing DataGraph

The file you download above is a disk image. Access the file in your Downloads folder. When you double-click DataGraph.dmg, a folder will open containing a DataGraph icon and a link to the Applications folder, as shown below.

Show DMG download

Open the program from this location directly OR drag DataGraph into the Applications folder so you can open it from the Launchpad. (NOTE: If you move the program to the Applications folder it must be removed from that location when you purchase DataGraph for the license to go into effect.)

The first time you open DataGraph a message box will appear as shown below. Click Open.


During the trial, each file you create will have the same functionality as a fully licensed version.


From the File menu you can also access the template viewer, containing example files that you are free to use and modify. To open any template, click on the image. DataGraph will create a new file with the data and graphs as you see them in the preview. You can also access a list of templates from the File menu.

Pasted Graphic 1

At the end of the trial, you can still open DataGraph and any files you created but the graph window will indicate that you have an unregistered version of the program. Purchasing a licensed copy will remove the water mark from your files.