Publication Quality Graphing

& Data Analysis

for macOS

Examples of DataGraph graphs

Publication Quality. Build the graphics you imagine.

Easily select data, add labels, customize colors, and specify exact sizes. DataGraph takes the fuss and frustration out of creating custom, publication quality graphics.

Immediate feedback. Make changes and see results.

Use sliders and menus to quickly edit. No need to run code or learn a programming language. Manage your data and design all in one user interface.

Examples galore. Resources to get you started and beyond.

A wide array of examples, from basic graphs to complex data analysis. An active user community, forum for asking questions, and expert help a few clicks away.

"I have never had a graph in my head that I was not able to make in DataGraph."

Gregory Neil Smith, Niels Bohr Institute, University of Copenhagen

Examples of DataGraph graphs


... Since I met Datagraph I do ALL my graphs on it. I used to use Excel, R or SAS to set up my graphs. NEVERMORE!!!! The money is totaly worth it!!!!

- Mark1836743 United States

Jun 21, 2020 Version 4.5.1

The most convenient scientific graphing tool I ever used

Flexible, powerful and robust!

- petermingjing China

Jun 22, 2020 Version 4.5.1


Ottima interfaccia; molto flessibille e creatico; un sacco di esempi e di idee. Ottimi i tutorial su youtube

- mariopto Italy

Sep 2, 2021 Version 4.7.1

The best 2-D graphing application on macOS

User-friendly and powerful!

- OliverTsui Hong Kong

Aug 9, 2020 Version 4.5.1

This app is pure beauty

If you think "I could do this with Excel" or "I could do it with something else" - forget it. Nothing is as pretty and awesome to use as DataGraph

- willwade United Kingdom

Oct 21, 2020 Version 4.6

Best in Class

I can't explain in words how good this software is... Using it since 5 years and still haven't found anything remotely close to it.

- A.JR. Germany

Nov 16, 2020 Version 4.6.1


Depuis queqlues mois l'application, déjà très riche en modèles, offre des nouveautés dans de nombreux domaines. Elle m'est devenue indispensable.

- IJdepee France

Nov 7, 2020 Version 4.6

Exactly what I need

Data that is not presented clearly isn't valuable. DataGraph provides so many ways to present data that I'm always able to find a way to bring clarity to the data representation. The on-line examples are a particularly useful education tool that shortens the learning curve. It's well worth the price and is better than anything Excel could graph.

- utmuhbs United States

Jan 11, 2021 Version 4.6.1


使用 Mac 来进行数据绘图的福音,界面简洁明了,易上手,并且功能强大。足以秒杀市面上所有二维数据绘图软件,无论是 origin 还是prism,都不足以与之抗衡。当然,还是希望能够有一天看到开发者能出一款三维数据绘图的软件,这样就可以完全抛弃 origin 进行科研绘图了。

- 闪电鹏哈哈 China

Oct 15, 2020 Version 4.6

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