group license registration

DataGraph licenses can be assigned to a group that is managed by a single user. The group license was created for research groups where members may change over time.

Setting up the account is free and allows you to transfer licenses as you need them. Existing licenses or new licenses can be added to groups.

Contact us through the help email to request a group account.

Step 1: Once a group is created the group manager can add users from the Account Information in DataGraph.

Step 2: The group section will show a list of users that you can add to.

Step 3: Enter an individual email or a comma separated list

After you submit, an email will be sent to each user prompting them to download DataGraph.

In the DataGraph registration window, group members will need to enter the same email.

Once the email is entered, DataGraph will immediately be registered. No further steps are needed.

This interface will keep track of the registered group users. To removed a user, select a name in the list and hit delete.

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