New Features in Version 4.2

On January 30th, we released the newest version of DataGraph, version 4.2.  This version has some great features, many of which were requested by our users.  These include:

  • violin plots,
  • confidence intervals in regressions,
  • a new Bracket command, and
  • improved color scheme options for larger data sets.


One of my personal favorites is the ability to extract x and y locations from the Label, Bracket, Region, and Range commands. This adds an interesting level of interactivity to graphics.


In the short video above, note how both graphs vary based on the location of the arrow, which we can drag around. To create this interactivity, the location of the arrow is extracted as a global variable. The value for the arrow location can then be used in other commands.

For a more detailed demo, check out the following video. Watch here or on our YouTube Channel.


Click below to download the file used in the demo:
2017-02-01 Old Faithful.dgraph

For more information on all the new features in DataGraph go to: