Happy New Year!

We recently added a new time variable to the DataGraph Beta version.

You can add this variable using the Other drop-down menu in the Global variables section of DataGraph.


We used the new time variable to create a DataGraph file that you can use to count down to the New Year.   The file is set up to show a ‘Ball Drop’ in New York and San Francisco.  You can also select your own time zone.

Click below to download the file and try out the new time variable. Note that you must use the Beta for this file to work.


In the Beta: Color Schemes and Plots

The most recent update to the DataGraph Beta includes new color scheme options and updates to the Plots command.

In the current release version of DataGraph (version 4.1), you can get suggested color schemes that depend on the number of items in your list. These suggested schemes were limited to 12 items or less.

In the most recent Beta, there are two new color schemes,  a Rainbow and a Gray scale color scheme, that can be created for longer lists.  You can also easily create custom color schemes that interpolate between two colors.

The Plots command is only in the Beta and the most recent Beta version has given this command a significant face lift.  The Plots command allows you to quickly create multiple line graphs and vary the color of each.

View a demonstration:  YouTube: DataGraph News

Download examples used in the video: DGBeta_2016-12-12.dgraph

For these examples to work, you must download the current Beta: http://www.visualdatatools.com/DataGraph/Versions/Beta/

Whether you purchased a DataGraph licenses through the Mac App store or from Visual Data Tools, you can use the Beta version without restrictions.