Functional Art: The Math Cat


When I first saw the design for the Math Cat, I knew this would be fun project to create in DataGraph.  And it was!

The design was created by Bridget Buchanan, a student who created the math cat entirely by hand.  Impressive!!  Here we draw the cat in DataGraph using the Function Command.

The Function Command

The Function command allows you to quickly draw a function over a specified domain.  Just type in the function and specify the Range.

Video Demo

The Math Cat Demo illustrates how the graphic is created, where every line in the cat is drawn using the corresponding function in the legend.

Watch here or on our YouTube Channel.

Topics in the Demo:
0:00 Intro
0:40 Using the Function command
2:19 Using the color picker
3:45 Math Cat design
4:46 Adding functions
5:59 Set scales equal
6:18 More functions and Lines command
9:00 Set size and format the legend
11:03 Project complete!

Download the Math Cat

Download a copy of the Math Cat to customize your own version – Have fun!

Black%20Math%20CatMath Cat.dgraph

Math Cat Design by Bridget Buchanan

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