DataGraph 4.3 | New Color ramps

DataGraph Version 4.3 was released on January 20, 2018.  This version contains many additions and improvements, including a new Color ramp variable.


In this post, we will compare the new Color ramp to the existing Color scheme variable.

Using Color ramps and schemes

Both Color ramps and Color schemes can be used for fill or line colors in several commands including: Points, Plots, Bar, and Pivot. In fact, any command that allows you to select a Color scheme will also work with the new Color ramp.

DataGraph has included Color schemes for a while now. Color schemes allow you to specify discrete colors for a range of values or categories.

In contrast, Color ramps are continuous color schemes.  To compare let’s consider the following graphic that was created in DataGraph.  We first created this graphic using a Color scheme, as discussed in a previous post.


The Color scheme is used for the fill color in a Bar command. To use a Color ramp, select the name of the ramp in the same location that you would normally select a Color Scheme.


Below, you see the Color scheme on the left, called “My Scheme”, and the Color ramp on the right, called “My Ramp”.  These are both located in the Global variables list.


In the  Color scheme, a discrete color is specified for each numerical range. With the new Color ramp, you must specify a starting and ending color, along with the numerical range associated with the ramp.

In this image, both of these options result in an almost identical image; however, using the Color ramp makes it somewhat more straight forward to explore different color options, as we only have two color tiles to change.

You can also add additional lines to the Color ramp to utilize multiple colors.


Below, you can see the result of using this new ramp.


Creating Color ramps and schemes

Color ramps can only be created from the Other menu in the global variables section of DataGraph.


Color Schemes can also be created from this menu or using shortcuts from within a command.  If you have never created a Color scheme before, check out the example in this video, using shortcuts to quickly create a color scheme variable: DataGraph 4.1 News: New Color Schemes in the Beta

Color ramp legend

Note that displaying a color ramp on a graph is done with the new Color ramp legend. See the on-line Help for more information on using this new command.


Example files

Download file with infographic example:  Infographic-ColorRamp.dgraph

More information on 4.3

For more detail on updates in Version 4.3 check out the full release notes.

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