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DataTank is a numerical work environment for Mac OS X.


Short Description

DataTank is designed for scientific visualization, data mining and algorithm development, but it is flexible enough to be used for a variety of other uses as well.


DataTank uses OpenGL and Quartz to draw 3D graphics, and supports transparency, interactive rotation, multiple light sources and camera positions. DataTank uses the strength of Quartz to generate publication quality vector-graphics as PDF/EPS or anti-aliased bitmaps for use in web pages and presentations. As a native mac citizen you can copy pdf directly from DataTank into KeyNote, Mail etc. You can also combine OpenGL graphics and Quartz into a single figure. DataTank creates QTVR graphics objects from a 3D view and saves QuickTime movies with a single click.

Data Mining

DataTank enables interactive exploration of large data sets. Variables and relationships are defined graphically and built in modules can be combined with your own modules. DataTank will manage memory and perform incremental evaluation, treating data sets with millions of data points and hundreds of thousands of entries the same way as a simple data set that is typed in manually. To make this possible DataTank uses caching extensively, both in memory and on disk.


DataTank can be used as a graphical debugger and tool for developing algorithms. For regression testing you can set up the problem in DataTank, view the input, launch your program and view the output. If you run the program in a debugger the input and old output can be explored in DataTank down to the level of individual values. For C++ DataTank includes a source library, called DTSource, that supports the built in variable types as well as being a foundation for numerical programs. DataTank will generate all of the I/O so writing a plug-in module is a snap. Once debugging is done, DataTank becomes a graphical user interface for the computional routine. DataTank can be used to tie together routines by acting as the numerical backbone where data is transferred through standard data types. The DTSource library is written in portable C++ and released with the BSD license.

Award (June 8th 2005)

DataTank recieved the Apple Design Awards at WWDC05.


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