Version 4.3

Released January 20, 2018

This update is free for all DataGraph license holders.

App store users must download from the mac App store.

All other license holders download here.

New Features in 4.3

  • Added two new global variable types:
    • Expression - Think of the new Expression variable as a custom calculator where you can define constants or use the gear menu to add entries from columns and commands.
    • Color ramp - Create continuous color ramps that are completely customizable. Color ramps can be used in any command that has a color scheme option.
  • Added a new command:
    • Color ramp legend - Displays color ramps on your graphics.
    • For%20Web
  • More licensing options with Group and Lab licenses.

Updated Commands

  • Can vary the fill color and line color for a Points command by using a Color Ramp variable. More details on the bulletin board.
  • The Bar command now allows you to use a Color ramp variable.
  • Added a new color scheme and color ramp options to several commands:
    • vary the fill color in the Pie command.
    • to color the fill or points in a Box command.
    • line color in the Lines command.
    • the fill in the Pivot command.
  • Improved the Bracket command:
    • separated the horizontal and vertical points for aligning.
    • added a Curly brace option.
  • Added more alignment options for centering labels with the Text command. Can anchor the text along the top center, bottom center etc.
  • The Pie and Histogram commands can now be included in the Custom Legend command.
  • OnWeb-4.3Release
  • Added a mask option to the Plots command. See the bulletin board.
  • The Box command now can be used to determine any percentage distribution values, using the Compute % entry box. These are not drawn in the graph but instead you can extract them as global variables (if you have a single box) or a column. Can then use those values elsewhere, for example to draw the values as points etc.
  • Added a Coordinate option for the Pie command. Allows you to specify the position of the pie graph using a coordinate and not just relative to a corner or center of the axis.
  • For the Points command when you have a color scheme or color ramp, the pixel view now works when you have a large number of points.

    Other Updates and Improvements

  • Added a subtract option to the Plot Action that works with the Function and Fit commands. More details on the bulletin board.
  • Improved the Excel importer, how it detects column titles and how it imports dates.
  • Added a \rgb{} text command. Can use \rgb{r,g,b}, \rgb{r,g,b,a} with r,g,b,a either between 0 and 255 or 0 and 1. Can also use a hex code for r,g,b. That is \rgb{99badd}.
  • Added the property “# of rows” to the From Command variable (and inside the Expression variable).
  • Can control-drag color selection between menus.
  • Added an option to format the numerical values using a format statement. More details on the bulletin board.
  • Added a option to save a grayscale bitmap. More details on the bulletin board.
  • Added more magnification options for the Canvas.
  • Tweaked the axis selector a little bit to deal better with cases when you have a lot of sub-axes.
  • The Hover action for a Points command and Plot command now adjusts the format of the x/y coordinates based on the axis range. That way if you zoom in on a point you will see more digits.
  • Fixed an issue when you had a canvas that was more than 10,000 pixels wide. Released this a little bit. Set the maximum canvas size to 100,000 pixels in each dimension (around 110ft or 35m). Also optimized drawing a little bit when you work in a large magnification.
  • Improved the dgraph command tool - See the bulletin board.
  • In the Account Information window you can now remove registration on machines that you registered at one point but can’t get access to anymore.
  • When you option drag columns or drawing commands to copy or clone a graph, references to columns and commands inside the selection will be handled properly. For example, a graph that uses a custom legend that refers to commands is now properly cloned. If you option-drag a group of columns that use a plot action the cloned plot action will refer to the new column if it was one of the columns that got dragged with the cloning action.
  • When you paste in a column and have selected one or more columns in the column list the pasted columns are added after the selection. Before they where added to end of the column list.

Features remaining in the beta

  • Data File mechanism. Can create this using R (still in early testing, contact me to get the R package) or using the Special Import and the new Save button. The Data File is created through the Other option and is a group.
  • R package (with source) to write data files is under testing, let me know if you are interested in C++ source code to write data files and if there is interest in a python library. Working on making it easy to get data into DataGraph from various programming environments.
  • Units conversions for the standard numerical column type. Create them through the gear menu. See the bulletin board.
  • A preference option so that you can set when the Points command switches to a pixel approach. The default is 200,000 but you can raise it if you want to get more points drawn with the selected marker.
  • Scalar Field command - recently added an option to draw logically rectangular meshes. This means you can specify the x and y coordinates of the mesh as arrays and not just lists.
  • Column - Number From String - Looking for a good use case
  • Freehand command
  • Database connectivity