Version 4.2

Released January 30th, 2017

  • New functions for the Expression Column
  • New and improved Drawing Commands
  • New Current Time global variable
  • Improved color scheme options
  • Bug Fixes and much more
  • See below for details ...

Release notes


New Bracket command!

This was a common request on the discussion board.

See the on-line help.


Create Violin Plots with the Box command.

For more details, see page 92 of the manual.

Create multi-colored line graphs quickly and easily with the Plots command.

See page 67 of the manual.

Show confidence and prediction intervals using the Fit command, a common request on the discussion board.

For more details, see page 86 of the manual.

New Color Schemes

More options for customizing color schemes:

  • Color choices that scale to more than 12 colors: Rainbow and Dark Gray
  • Create color schemes using the start/end colors
  • Reverse the color order

New Time Variable


Current Time is a new global variable that stores the day and time for a specified Time zone.

Use it in titles to display the current year or day. Use it in functions to calculate the number of days or hours from an event.

There is also a new Clock template that you can use to create your own DataGraph clock, like the one you see here.

And More ...

  • Three new functions: if, isnan, and isfinite.
  • More options for extracting data from the Pivot command, including individual values and all the data at once.
  • Now the From Command global variable can extract the min and max of the restriction range for the axis (the main and split axis).
  • Use the From Command global variable to extract x and y locations from the Label, Bracket, Region, and Range commands.
  • More dynamic icons including the Histogram, the Box, and the Plots command.

Updated User Interface

Now the Thumbnail view is always visible. Added a + button to the right to make it more obvious how to add an additional graph.

If you prefer to hide the thumbnails when you only have one graph we added a Preferences panel.

Specify your Preferences under the DataGraph command menu.