license registration

If you bought a license through the Mac App store, you only need to register to use the Beta version. For the release version, just log into the Mac App store, go to the purchased tab and install it.

If you bought a license through the Visual Data Tools, Inc. store, these are the steps you need to follow to register your license on your computer. Perpetual licenses can be used to register up to three computers for your use (or an immediate family member). Annual licenses can only be registered on one computer.

If you already set up a trial version AND purchased a license using the same email, you will not need to repeat these steps on the same computer. DataGraph will detect that you email is now tied to a license. If you want to register additional computers, you will need to repeat these steps for each machine you want to register.

DataGraph licenses are individual licenses tied to your email address. If you have not done so yet, download the current release version of DataGraph from the download page and follow the steps below.

Step 1: Open DataGraph and the following registration form will open.

Step 2: In the registration form, enter the email you used to purchase DataGraph. Click the Send Request button to submit. Check your email for a registration code.

This connects back with our server to confirm that you have a license. If accepted, we will send an e-mail to you with the activation code for this machine. It is possible that your mail client or service sends this to the spam trap, so if you don’t get an e-mail within a minute or so check that folder.

Step 3: Check your email. You should receive an email from our accounts email (accounts@visuald...) containing a code. Copy the entire code from the email and paste it back into the registration form. Make sure you hit enter after you paste in the code. That's it!

Your graph should no longer say "Read Only" and you are ready to graph.

From the accounts window, you can also change your e-mail or change/correct the spelling of your name. After editing the email field, hit the send button. When changing the e-mail address, first a mail is sent to the old e-mail address to approve the removal. Following that a mail is sent to the new e-mail address to verify that it is valid.

Note that the license gives you the right to use DataGraph on three different machines, but you need to follow this registration procedure on each machine. The e-mail you get only works on the machine you requested it from. If you unregistered a machine and want to register the same machine again, you can reuse the same link.

If you have any questions, please send mail to help (help@visu…) or contact us using the Help menu from within DataGraph.