Map Column

The Map column allows you to lookup items in a list based on a key value. You can add a Map Column using the Other drop-down menu.

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There are three methods available for mapping entries: Specified, From Columns, and Intervals.


When you add a new
Map Column, the mapping method is set to ‘Specified’ by default.

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Below, we created a Map Column called ‘Name’ to map the text in the ‘Direction’ column (i.e., n,s,e, and w) to North, South, East, and West. This is done in two steps (1) select the Direction column from the Map drop-down box and (2) Enter the key-value pairs directly in the column definition to specify the mapping. The mapped values are displayed in bold in the data table.


In this example, we are mapping text to text but you can also map text to numbers, etc.

From Columns and Interval Methods

You can also specify key-value pairs by using columns in the data table. For example, let’s say that we have a table with Student ID and Grade where we want to link the Student ID to a name.

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Below is the list of Student IDs and associated names.

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You can create a Map Column using the ‘From Columns’ method as follows, where the Key and Value drop-down boxes are using the ‘Student ID’ and ‘Name’ from the Class Roster. You can also use the ‘Intervals’ method to assign letter grades based on the numerical grades.

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The resulting ‘Name’ and ‘Letter Grade’ columns are shown below.

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