Color Ramp Legend

The Color Ramp Legend command allows you to display a color ramp on your figure.


Using Color Ramps

To use the Color Ramp Legend, you need a Color Ramp. Color Ramps allow you to create continuous color schemes, rather than specifying discrete colors for a given value or range of values. Add a Color ramp from the global variables section of the interface. A new color ramp looks as follows:

By default, the range for the ramp is from zero to one (0,1). Click on the color tiles to select new colors. Use the plus, minus buttons on the right of the variable to add new ramps.

Any command that allows a color scheme can also use a color ramp. Here a Color ramp called 'New Ramp' was selected for the Fill color in this Points command.

Color Ramp Legend Basics

To display the color ramp on the figure, we add the following Color Ramp Legend to our list of commands.

You have a lot of control over how the Color Ramp Legend is displayed. The Where menu allows you to change the overall location of the legend.

Other settings allow you to change the distance between the ramp and the figure (Offset), thickness of the ramp (Thickness), and the length of the ramp relative to the figure (Range).