live in the beta

Join the many users that live in the Beta. The Beta version is where we try out improvements and additions to the program, many of which are suggested by users, either on the discussion board or contacting us through the Help menu.

Now that 4.2.1 is out, the beta resets. There are features that are hidden in the release version but are visible in the beta so they can be tested and refined.

Live on the edge, follow the beta. It is fairly stable, but transient problems do pop up. They are quickly dealt with and the beta is sometimes updated several times a day. If you are running the beta you will be notified if a new version is available.

Download the beta

Features in the beta that are not visible in the release version:

Data Object - Still refining this. Hasn’t been touched in a while though.
Scalar Field command
Column - Number From String - Looking for a good use case
Freehand command
Database connectivity

Running log of changes.
  • 2/14: 4.2.1 just came, reset the beta.
  • 2/14: Trying to figure out code signing issues on 10.12.
  • 2/15: Moved from Xcode 8 to Xcode 7. Will hopefully fix the code signing issue on 10.12.
  • 2/16: Added a subtract option to the Plot Action - More details on the bulletin board.
  • 2/18: The Plot Action - Subtract can now also use a Function command, previously it was only using Fit commands.
  • 2/18: Added a Brace option to the Bracket command.
  • 2/23: Tweaked how the special importer handles sub headers. Before a search entry in the record definition could skip over a sub header line.
  • 2/23: More tweaks to the special importer.
  • 2/27: Can vary the fill color and line color for a Points command by using a Color Ramp variable. More details on the bulletin board.
  • 2/28: Fixed an issue with coloring points in the Points command using the color ramp.
  • 3/3: Fixed an issue with the Plot Action->Bin. Now it ignores rows where the y value is NaN.
  • 3/8: Fixed an issue when exporting PDF, EPS, or printing and used a clipping variable inside a drawing group.
  • 3/13: Fixed an issue with the special importer.
  • 3/15: Fixed an issue with the Box plot. Happened when you extracted a label from a box plot that was empty/invalid.
  • 3/23: Fixed an issue with Excel files that were created on a mac and had dates.
  • 3/23: Fixed a problem with copying the Color Ramp Legend drawing command over to a new file.
  • 3/25: Improved the Excel importer, how it detects column titles and how it imports dates.
  • 3/26: Fixed an issue with the Find mechanism when you search with “Does not contain”.
  • 3/30: Added an option for the Scalar Field drawing command to draw logically rectangular meshes. This means you can specify the x and y coordinates of the mesh as arrays and not just lists.
  • 3/30: In the Account Information window you can now remove registration on machines that you registered at one point but can’t get access to anymore.
  • 4/2: Fixed an issue when you use a token inside the Fit command legend and then copy the Fit command.
  • 4/3: Fixed an issue when you used a variable in an expression (or fit) that was inside a variable group. For example if you had a variable c in a group g you can refer to it as g:c, but in some cases (for example if you also had a c variable at the top level) value changes were not handled correctly.
  • 4/3: More tweaks to the R DataFrame importer.
  • 4/9: Fixed an issue with dependencies (introduced by the fix on 4/3).
  • 4/9: Added a Data File mechanism. Can create this using R (still in early testing, contact me to get the R package) or using the Special Import and the new Save button. The Data File is created through the Other option and is a group.
  • 4/13: Improved the Data File group type.
  • 4/16: Further improvements to the Data File group to support the R package under development.
  • 4/17: Improved the dgraph command tool - See the bulletin board. Also, changed it so that it will work if and only if you have a new style license (use the Account Information window).
  • 4/18: Tiny tweak to how error bars are drawn. Standard error bars are not cropped at the edge of the axis. Before if you had an error bar on the far right side, half of it was cropped.
  • 4/19: The Pie command can now be included in the Custom Legend command.
  • 4/19: Fixed an issue with exporting a table from Special import. Made it easier to read it in using the Data File group.
  • 4/19: Fixed an issue with SVG files and the Scalar Field .
  • 4/20: Tweaked network access to see if it helps people behind a proxy server.
  • 4/21: Improved the Data File support mechanism, specially when you have sequences. R package (with source) to write data files is under testing, let me know if you are interested in C++ source code to write data files and if there is interest in a python library. Working on making it easy to get data into DataGraph from various programming environments.
  • 4/28: Put back in dgraph the option to open the file in the GUI. Happens when you don’t specify an output option.
  • 5/3: Added a new global variable type - Expression. Use the gear menu to add entries from columns and commands.
  • 5/3: Tweaked the Expression variable.
  • 5/3: Fixed an issue with the Scalar Field command.
  • 5/7: The Hover action for a Points command and Plot command now adjusts the format of the x/y coordinates based on the axis range. That way if you zoom in on a point you will see more digits.
  • 5/7: Added a mask option to the Plots command. See the bulletin board.
  • 5/8: Added a mask option inside each entry in a Plots command.
  • 5/17: Can specify a color scheme or color ramp to color the points in a Box command.
  • 5/18: Fixed an issue with the Histogram command when you cropped the axis and used a fill.
  • 5/19: Fixed an issue with the Expression variable.
  • 5/21: Added a \rgb{} text command. Can use \rgb{r,g,b}, \rgb{r,g,b,a} with r,g,b,a either between 0 and 255 or 0 and 1. Can also use a hex code for r,g,b. That is \rgb{99badd}.
  • 5/21: Fixed an issue with dgraph when you have a group account or App Store created account.
  • 5/23: Fixed how the From Column variable deals with NaN values. To be consistent with how the Histogram, Box etc commands deal with them I now ignore those values. Before you just got a NaN.
  • 5/23: Added the property “# of rows” to the From Command variable (and inside the Expression variable).
  • 5/26: Fixed a crash related to the Expression variable.
  • 6/1: Added units conversions for the standard numerical column type. Create them through the gear menu. See the bulletin board.
  • 6/5: Fixed an issue with the Data File mechanism.
  • 6/7: Can specify a color scheme for the Lines command.
  • 6/7: Can now select a Histogram command in the Custom legend.
  • 6/8: Improved the DataFile import to handle masked data better.
  • 6/9: The color variable for the Lines command can now also select a text column.
  • 6/9: Added a preference option so that you can set when the Points command switches to a pixel approach. The default is 200,000 but you can raise it if you want to get more points drawn with the selected marker.
  • 6/15: For the Points command when you have a color scheme or color ramp, the pixel view now works now works when you have a large number of points.
  • 6/24: When you option drag columns or drawing commands to copy or clone a graph, references to columns and commands inside the selection will be handled properly. For example, a graph that uses a custom legend that refers to commands is now properly cloned. If you option-drag a group of columns that use a plot action the cloned plot action will refer to the new column if it was one of the columns that got dragged with the cloning action.
  • 6/28: When you paste in a column and have selected one or more columns in the column list the pasted columns are added after the selection. Before they where added to end of the column list.
  • 7/3: Can control-drag color selection between menus.
  • 7/3: Tweaked the axis selector a little bit to deal better with cases when you have a lot of sub-axes.
  • 7/17: The Box plot command now allows you to specify percentage distribution values. These are not drawn in the graph but instead you can extract them as global variables (if you have a single box) or a column. Can then use those values elsewhere, for example to draw the values as points etc.
  • 7/19: Added more options to the Scalar Field drawing command.
  • 7/31: Fixed an issue with the noise fill.
  • 8/6: Added a Coordinate option for the Pie command. Allows you to specify the position of the pie graph using a coordinate and not just relative to a corner or center of the axis.
  • 8/16: The Pie command now allows you to vary the fill color by using a color scheme or color ramp.
  • 8/16: Added more alignment options for the Text command. Can anchor the text along the top center, bottom center etc.
  • 8/20: Fixed an issue with the Points command when you have repeated points.
  • 8/26: Added an option to format the numerical values using a format statement. More details on the bulletin board.
  • 8/27: Fixed an issue that caused a problem when opening very old DataGraph files. It would strip out color scheme variables saved in the file.
  • 9/5: Tweaked the Bracket command. Now the horizontal and vertical points are separate fields.
  • 9/6: Fixed an issue with the special import when the last entry used a “End of Line” termination.
  • 9/8: Fixed an issue with the Bracket command.
  • 9/8: Fixed an issue with the Points command when you draw color points with transparency and the rendering switches to pixels.
  • 9/11: Fix inside the Plots command. Happened when you had a mask inside a single line and the line style was smooth or steps.
  • 9/12: Working around a code signing issue on 10.12.
  • 9/13: Fixed an issue with transparency for the Graphic command. Didn’t show up properly in the thumbnail.
  • 9/14: Fixed an issue with the axis formatter when you have “Standard” selected and have a separator for the thousands.
  • 9/17: Fixed an issue with the text variable and token field.
  • 9/20: An earlier tweak made the color selector for the Box fill vanish.
  • 9/25: Fixed an issue with the special importer.
  • 10/2: The error bars now draw properly for Ellipse and Diamond when you have overlapping error regions.
  • 10/8: Added a “Color Scheme” option for the fill in the Box command. Allows you to vary the color based on the location or category.
  • 10/8: Fixed the center alignment in Text command. Happened in the new center alignment option inside the graph.
  • 10/8: Added a color scheme option for the fill in the Pivot command. Allows you to use a color ramp or color scheme to color the columns.
  • 10/8: Can drag a Pie graph around interactively.
  • 10/11; Fixed an issue that caused crashes when pasting in data from Excel and possibly other programs. Due to a recent change.
  • 10/13: Fixed another paste problem.
  • 10/13: Added more magnification options for the Canvas.
  • 10/15: A new trial mechanism, if you don’t have a license.
  • 10/15: Tweaked the beta a little bit to see if it addresses registration issues that were reported.
  • 10/15: Fixed the registration issue.
  • 10/18: Added a option to save a grayscale bitmap. More details on the bulletin board.
  • 10/23: Tweaked the group mechanism.
  • 10/25: The Bar command now allows you to use a color ramp variable.
  • 10/30: Added a lab registration tab.
  • 11/1: Tweaked the mask functionality to address a potential issue.
  • 11/10: Fixed an issue when you had a canvas that was more than 10,000 pixels wide. Released this a little bit. Set the maximum canvas size to 100,000 pixels in each dimension (around 110ft or 35m). Also optimized drawing a little bit when you work in a large magnification.