live in the beta

Join the many users that live in the Beta. The Beta version is where we try out improvements and additions to the program, many of which are suggested by users, either on the discussion board or contacting us through the Help menu.

Download the beta

Now that 4.3 is out (January 20, 2018), the beta resets. There are features that are hidden in the release version but are visible in the beta so they can be tested and refined.

Live on the edge, follow the beta. It is fairly stable, but transient problems do pop up. They are quickly dealt with and the beta is sometimes updated several times a day. If you are running the beta you will be notified if a new version is available.

Existing Features in the Beta

  • Data File mechanism. Can create this using R (still in early testing, contact me to get the R package) or using the Special Import and the new Save button. The Data File is created through the Other option and is a group.
  • R package (with source) to write data files is under testing, let me know if you are interested in C++ source code to write data files and if there is interest in a python library. Working on making it easy to get data into DataGraph from various programming environments.
  • Units conversions for the standard numerical column type. Create them through the gear menu. See the bulletin board.
  • A preference option so that you can set when the Points command switches to a pixel approach. The default is 200,000 but you can raise it if you want to get more points drawn with the selected marker.
  • Scalar Field command - recently added an option to draw logically rectangular meshes. This means you can specify the x and y coordinates of the mesh as arrays and not just lists.
  • Column - Number From String - Looking for a good use case
  • Freehand command
  • Database connectivity

    Beta Release Notes

  • 1/20: Released 4.3, reset the beta.
  • 2/05: Fixed an issue with the Bar command when you used 'Stairs' on a logarithmic axis.
  • 2/09: Fixed a run time exception - See the bulletin board.
  • 2/14 : Added an extra option to the Expression global variable to extract a single row entry from a column. Already exists in the “From Column” option, but this is more direct.
  • 3/8 : The Connect command now allows you to vary the line width based on a column.
  • 3/8 : Fixed an issue with the mask when you used an expression (logical).
  • 3/9 : Fixed some issues with the new variable width in the Connect command.
  • 3/11 : Added a minor gridline option.
  • 3/15 : Can drag a text file onto a group to import the data.
  • 3/15 : The Points command has a new “Click” option to funnel mouse clicks in the graphic to a global variable.
  • 3/18 : Working on making the “Click” option more common. There is now a standard icon for it, close to the magnification setting at the top of the command detail. The Points command now uses that to adjust the click notification.
  • 3/18 : Added a click action for the Bars command.
  • 3/18 : Added a click action for the Pivot command.
  • 3/18 : Added a click action for the Pie command.
  • 3/22 : Added a click action for the Graphic command.
  • 3/25 : The Connect command can now use a color ramp to vary the line color. Before it could only use a color scheme.
  • 3/25 : The Range command now also accepts a color ramp and not just a color scheme.
  • 3/27 : Added the animation parameter back into the token menu. Vanished in 4.3, but existing connections were not affected. Now you can select it again.
  • 4/8 : Fixed an issue with the Pivot command when you extracted a second value column and then switched to a calculation that didn’t have a second value column.
  • 4/15 : Addressed partially an issue with the fill option for a plot when you bridge data points.
  • 4/15 : Added more click actions to the Pivot command. Can now overwrite variables with the row/column number and not just the label.
  • 4/17 : Fixed an issue with the axis setting when you specified the space for x/y and used units such as in or cm for the spacing.
  • 4/19 : Added \AA to do Angstrom. The command \angstrom was there before.
  • 4/23 : Fixed an issue with the special importer.
  • The functionality where you could tie a converter to a specific file ending didn’t work properly.
  • 5/2 : Added ≠ as a valid operator in expressions.
  • 5/9 : Fixed issues with labels for the Lines command.
  • 5/17 : Fixed an issue with the minor grid lines.
  • 5/19 : Added an option to Number from Text Column - See the bulletin board.
  • 6/6 : Added an option to specify the point type in the Points option for the Box command.
  • 6/12 : Tweaked the spacing rule for the y axis. When you have a lot of labels, eventually DG will start to stride through them so that you don't have thousands of labels in a picture that is only 2 inches high. The old rule didn't scale with the font size, so it didn't look right at small font sizes (3-5 points).
  • 6/14 : Added an option to the search method for the Import special.
  • Added a method which allows you to go to the beginning of a line if something is found.
  • 6/17 : Improved how keyboard shortcuts work to open/close groups. When you hold down the option key and open/close this opens/closes all subgroups as well. You can also use the left/right arrow keys to open/close groups and option-left/right arrow as well. This works for groups of data columns, variables and commands.
  • 6/27 : Added more options for the anchor in a Graphic command.
  • 7/5 : Tweaked the logarithmic axis. Allowed the x tick marks to be closer. For the uniform option, DataGraph no longer ignors the number format.
  • 7/26 : Fixed issue when dragging around a region.
  • 7/27 : Fixed issues with statistics when you had a weighting function. Affected R^2 and RMSE values, and the SE Intercept/Slope for the linear fit.
  • 8/5 : Fullscreen view is now the same as the standard view. If you want the previous full screen view, let me know and I will consider making it a preference setting to get the old behavior.
  • 8/17 : The Pie command now accepts negative values. This will mean that pies will overlap. If you only used positive values for the pie command values this won't change the result.
  • 8/21 : Fixed an issue with the Pivot command and extracting row/column labels. Happened when you sorted the rows by value.
  • 8/21 : Improved how DataGraph deals with dates before 100, and negative years. Modified the format such that 4BC:4:1 is April 1st 4BC, which is the same as year -3. The axis will use negative years, and include year 0.
  • 8/28 : Added more options to position a graph title. You can now align the title left/right or center on the whole figure, not just above the axis box. Can also adjust the space between the axis and the title.
  • 9/5 : Added two columns, one for masked number another for a masked text column. Allows you to extract a sub-set of a column based on a mask. Useful for example when drawing labels where you want to only draw labels at particular points.
  • 9/9 : Added an option to specify the space below the plot title exactly.
  • 10/6 : Added a "Text Set" variable that can be used in a mask.
  • 10/7 : The masked columns now allow you to mask based on text columns, and either use a single text variable or a text set, just like the mask.
  • 10/7 : Added a redirect column.
  • 10/7 : Added a click action for the Points command that allows you to toggle entries in the Text Set.
  • 10/8 : Fixed an issue with the box command that broke in the last beta.
  • 10/9 : Fixed a refresh issue related to the masked column.
  • 10/10 : Fixed an issue in the Pivot command. See the bulletin board
  • 10/19 : Added entries to the gear menu for the Text menu (global variable) to export multiple figures at once. Should make it much easier to create multiple figures where you just change one masking parameter.
  • 10/21 : Fixed a visual problem with the thumbnails.
  • 11/8 : Fixed an issue with the number formatter.
  • 11/8 : Fixed an issue in the Multivariable fit when you have a multi-line mask and arbitrary function fit.
  • 11/13 : Can open up .csv files by dragging them onto the DataGraph icon, use the context menu to open it in DataGraph, or use the Get Info panel to switch the default app for .csv files to DataGraph.
  • 11/20 : When creating a Color scheme variable from a command, the initial settings are selected automatically.
  • 11/21 : Fixed a visual flaw in the command background when you have a split axis.
  • 11/27 : Fixed an issue with variables inside a group. The UI vanished for some variable types.
  • 11/28 : Fixed an issue with JSON date column coming from the API.
  • 11/29 : Fixed an issue with the color scheme tweak from 11/20.
  • 12/1 : Fixed an issue with the Scalar field command.