live in the beta

Join the many users that live in the Beta. The Beta version is where we try out improvements and additions to the program, many of which are suggested by users, either on the discussion board or contacting us through the Help menu.

Now that 4.2.1 is out, the beta resets. There are features that are hidden in the release version but are visible in the beta so they can be tested and refined.

Live on the edge, follow the beta. It is fairly stable, but transient problems do pop up. They are quickly dealt with and the beta is sometimes updated several times a day. If you are running the beta you will be notified if a new version is available.

Download the beta

Features in the beta that are not visible in the release version:

Data Object - Still refining this. Hasn’t been touched in a while though.
Scalar Field command
Column - Number From String - Looking for a good use case
Freehand command
Database connectivity

Running log of changes.
  • 2/14: 4.2.1 just came, reset the beta.
  • 2/14: Trying to figure out code signing issues on 10.12.
  • 2/15: Moved from Xcode 8 to Xcode 7. Will hopefully fix the code signing issue on 10.12.
  • 2/16: Added a subtract option to the Plot Action - More details on the bulletin board.
  • 2/18: The Plot Action - Subtract can now also use a Function command, previously it was only using Fit commands.
  • 2/18: Added a Brace option to the Bracket command.
  • 2/23: Tweaked how the special importer handles sub headers. Before a search entry in the record definition could skip over a sub header line.
  • 2/23: More tweaks to the special importer.
  • 2/27: Can vary the fill color and line color for a Points command by using a Color Ramp variable. More details on the bulletin board.
  • 2/28: Fixed an issue with coloring points in the Points command using the color ramp.
  • 3/3: Fixed an issue with the Plot Action->Bin. Now it ignores rows where the y value is NaN.
  • 3/8: Fixed an issue when exporting PDF, EPS, or printing and used a clipping variable inside a drawing group.