live in the beta

Join the many users that live in the Beta. The Beta version is where we try out improvements and additions to the program, many of which are suggested by users. Contact us through the Help menu.

Download version 4.4.1 Beta

Now that version 4.4 is out the beta resets. There are features that are hidden in the release version but are visible in the beta so they can be tested and refined.

Live on the edge, follow the beta. It is fairly stable, but transient problems do pop up. They are quickly dealt with and the beta is sometimes updated several times a day. If you are running the beta you will be notified if a new version is available.

Existing Features in the Beta

  • Data File mechanism. Can create this using R (still in early testing, contact me to get the R package) or using the Special Import and the new Save button. The Data File is created through the Other option and is a group.
  • R package (with source) to write data files is under testing, let me know if you are interested in C++ source code to write data files and if there is interest in a python library. Working on making it easy to get data into DataGraph from various programming environments.
  • Units conversions for the standard numerical column type. Create them through the gear menu.
  • A preference option so that you can set when the Points command switches to a pixel approach. The default is 200,000 but you can raise it if you want to get more points drawn with the selected marker.
  • Scalar Field command - recently added an option to draw logically rectangular meshes. This means you can specify the x and y coordinates of the mesh as arrays and not just lists.
  • Column - Number From String - Looking for a good use case
  • Freehand command
  • Database connectivity

    Beta Release Notes

  • 5/1: 4.4 is being submitted, resetting the beta
  • 5/2: Fixed an issue when importing a csv file that had multi-line quoted text, for example in the title.
  • 5/12: Added a Presentation mode into the View menu. Works when you have two or more monitors. See On-line Help.
  • 5/13: Tweaked the presentation mode to deal with windows that are already open on the screen you are selecting for the presentation.
  • 5/22: Tweaked the presentation mode.
  • 5/24: If you are using a break on the y axis, the break also shows up on the right.
  • 5/25: Fixed a problem that caused DataGraph to not work on macOS 10.13.
  • 8/1: The reason for the long wait was because of rewrites for the table mechanism and support for dark mode.
  • 8/8: Added a snap option to the Label command.
  • 8/8: Added Integrate and Column Length to the Expression variable.
  • 8/13: Redid the Template window - easier to use it as a learning tool.
  • 8/14 : A small tweak to the templates, now called "Online Examples..." since they are coming from the server and not included in the application.
  • 8/18 : Improved the online examples.
  • 8/19 : Tweaked the selected color in the new table. Was a little dark. Matches the text selection color.
  • 8/20 : Fixed issues when dragging rows in a table.
  • 8/21 : Fixed an issue with the QuickLook mechanism.
  • 8/22 : Added an item to the Help menu to set up and connect to the NEW Community forum (replacing the former discussion board & blog).

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