Presentation Mode

Beta version only

In Presentation Mode, DataGraph will take over an external monitor to display a selected graph. You control what is shown on the external monitor using the primary display.

Step 1: Select an External Monitor

Under View/Presentation, select the external monitor to control. The options you see listed will depend on the number of monitors you have connected and the monitor you are using to set-up the presentation.

Large Screen Available for Presentation

Small Screen Available for Presentation

Some things to keep in mind:

  • The screen you are using to setup the presentation cannot be selected.

  • If you have two or more external monitors you will see each one listed.

  • When you activate a monitor, that screen will turn white.

DataGraph files that are open on the monitor used for the presentation will be automatically moved to the monitor controlling the presentation.

Step 2: Select a Graph to Display

The next step is to send a graph to the external monitor. First, hover your mouse over one of the thumbnails. After a moment, a representation of the screens will appear. Click the image to send the graph to that monitor.


The graph size will adjust to fill the external monitor while maintaining the same aspect ratio.

Scaled Image for Screen

Step 3: Control Presentation

While using Presentation mode, DataGraph will continue to look and operate in the same way as before. The only difference is that you will have the small image displayed on graphs that are shown on external.

Since you control what is displayed using the thumbnails, you can continue to work in DataGraph and make changes to other graphs in your file, while a graph is being displayed on the external monitor.

DataGraph View

NOTE: You are not limited to one DataGraph file during the presentation. You can move between DataGraph files to change the displayed graph. You can also open files or even create new graphs to display.

Step 4: End Presentation Mode

Under View/Presentation, select the same external monitor to stop displaying OR hit the esc key.